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I Bet $2 You'll Vote For Me

If you can pass a short quiz on my positions,

and still say you won't vote for me, then

I will send you $2

You're a civic-minded voter, and your time is valuable. If you spend a few minutes reading my site and decide to vote for me, then I hope you'll think it was worth your time. If instead you decide you would not vote for me, then I'll send you $2 in appreciation for your time. Either way, you win. (See here for more on why I'm doing this.)

The Rules

Print this quiz and fill it in completely. Mail it along with a stamped self-addressed envelope to Voter Quiz, 23 Whitman Ct., San Carlos CA 94070.  If the name and address match a registered voter in California's 14th congressional district, then I'll return $2 in the envelope the first time that addressee answers the quiz correctly and completely and yet still makes a signed statement that he or she will not vote for me. Offer valid until Nov 2 2004 or the payouts total $5000 or I find out this offer is illegal, whichever comes first. Rules subject to change without notice if I detect abuse of this offer.

A Quiz On My Campaign Positions

Circle all answers that apply, if any.  According to this campaign's web site,
1. Democrats want government to be our
a) Chaperone  b) Butler  c) Lifeguard  d) Nanny  e) Referee  f) Chauffeur
2. Republicans want government to be our
a) Chaperone  b) Butler  c) Lifeguard   d) Nanny  e) Referee  f) Chauffeur
3. Libertarians want government to be our
a) Chaperone  b) Butler  c) Lifeguard   d) Nanny  e) Referee  f) Chauffeur
4. The two fundamental and conflicting values in American politics are
a) Tolerance  b) Hygiene  c) Liberty   d) Environmentalism  e) Security   f) Rivalry
5. The purpose of government includes
a) Creating jobs  b) Regulating pollution  c) Managing healthcare costs  d) Moral leadership 
e) Preventing fraud  f) National energy policy
6. A newborn citizen's share of government debt and unfunded liability is
a) $4,000   b) $14,000   c) $24,000   d) $34,000   e) $64,000   f) $94,000
7. Worrisome ecological facts include
a) Natural resources are getting scarcer  b) Wealthier societies have more-polluted environments 
c) Species and ecosystems face extinction threats  d) Bacterial resistance is increasing 
e) Fossil fuel prices do not fully reflect their environmental costs  f) Human population levels are unsustainable
8. Our fellow American taxpayers should finance
a) Extensions to BART   b) Work on the Port of Redwood City  c) Programs to keep Moffett open 
d) Fuel-cell buses in San Mateo  e) Pest control for wealthy vineyard owners  f) None of the above
9. Natural monopolies should be regulated by the government because they
a) Have high fixed costs  b) Are subject to free riders  c) Have high marginal costs
d) Are subject to the tragedy of the commons  e) Are subject to inefficient competition
f) Have low marginal costs
10. Brian Holtz is embarrassed at how he benefits from special treatment for
a) Farmers  b) Patent holders  c) Senior citizens  d) 401(k) participants  e) Licensed professionals  f) Exporters
11. Brian Holtz would like to ask Rep. Eshoo if she thinks interstate commerce includes
a) Growing wheat for your own consumption  b) Financing neighborhood policing
c) Producing milk for your own consumption  d) Hiring staff to work at a diner
e) Increasing the minimum wage   f) Growing tobacco for your own consumption

The Letter

Dear Brian,

I am a registered voter in California's 14th congressional district, and I answered the above quiz myself by reading I have read enough there to decide that I will not vote for you on Nov. 2, 2004. Enclosed is a stamped envelope addressed to me. If my name and address match that of a registered voter in CA-14, please send me $2. I understand that you might call my phone number to verify my identity, but not for any other purpose. You have my permission to list me on your website as a respondent using just my first name, last initial, and city.  Below I've circled my reason(s) why I will not vote for you.



Phone Number

Printed Name

Street Address

City, ZIP