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2001 San Carlos School Board Candidate Statement

I have been a software engineer at Sun Microsystems since 1990, when I received an MS from the University of Michigan. As a teaching assistant there I realized that teachers specialize in something more powerful than any technology: the human mind. My wife Melisse and I live in San Carlos with our 1.5-year-old daughter Zoe, who is expecting a baby brother in October.

Here are my positions. Maximize parental involvement, school safety, and local control. Emphasize parental choice, competition, and market-based solutions. Train and reward teachers for excellence, and minimize controls placed on them by government bureaucrats and union bosses. Teach ethics but do not preach morality. Practice tolerance but avoid mindless political correctness. Encourage free expression but not disruption. Test for achievement, but do not teach just to the tests. Provide a foundation of English, logic, math, and science. Build fundamental skills of communication, critical thinking, and learning to learn.

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