44% of Americans agree when asked if they consider themselves "fiscally conservative and socially liberal, also known as libertarian".

This test will tell if you're one of them.
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0 = government decides How free should you be? full freedom = 10
5 From government censorship? To buy any foreign product? 5
5 From government monitoring? To not subsidize corporations & farms? 5
5 From government religiousness? To invest your own retirement savings? 5
5 To donate for any political ad? To control your child's tuition dollars? 5
5 To risk your own body? To shop for your health insurance? 5
5 To marry the same gender? To hire any healer or buy any medicine? 5
5 To choose whether to procreate? To risk your own money? 5
5 To pay for adult entertainment? To accept any currency or interest rate? 5
5 To own a gun if you're an adult? To take a job at any wage? 5
5 To use drugs if you're an adult? To keep what you earn, produce, trade? 5
50 Current score: Centrist 50