Blake Holtz Memorial Liberty Scholarship


The Blake Holtz Memorial Liberty Scholarship is an essay contest that seeks to promote among Silicon Valley high school students an understanding of and appreciation for the America's political diversity in general and for libertarianism in particular.


As of 2006-07-01: Number of entrants: 0.  Number of participating teachers: 0.  The contest was canceled due to lack of any entrants.


The essay shall compare the platform of the Libertarian Party with that of one other American political party, summarizing and evaluating their overall political and economic principles, and exploring their differences or similarities on one or two issues that are important to the entrant.  The winning essay will be the one exhibiting the most conceptual clarity, analytic perceptiveness, ideological independence, and critical thinking.


The Directors of the contest will collect qualifying submissions, and choose five finalists for evaluation by the Judges. The Judges will choose the winning essay. The decision of the Judges will be final, and the Directors will otherwise have sole discretion for interpreting and applying the rules of the contest.

The Directors of the contest are Brian Holtz and Melisse Lusin (the parents of Blake Holtz). The Judges of the contest are Prof. Fred Foldvary and Prof. David Freidman, both of Santa Clara University.

Entrants and Sponsors

Entrants must be working toward a high school diploma in San Mateo or Santa Clara counties. Each entrant must identify her sponsoring teacher. Home-schooling parents are eligible to be sponsor teachers.


Essays must be no longer than 1000 words; i.e. about 2-3 pages long. Each essay must be solely the work of the entrant. An entrant may submit only one essay, formatted as HTML, to Essays must be received before Apr 15, 2006.  The winner will be announced May 1, 2006. By submitting an essay, entrants grant to the Directors a non-exclusive and otherwise unlimited right to reproduce or publish their essays.


Rules are subject to change. Any revisions will be listed below.