Flames Of Freedom

Encouraging, facilitating, tracking, and rewarding efforts by California Libertarians to promote libertarian ideas to non-libertarians

$1000 / year in cash prizes

How do you compete?
  Easy!  When you engage in any of the qualifying kinds of outreach (e.g. letters to the editor, or to your elected representatives -- see full list below), just drop a note to -- or cc: if possible -- FlamesOfFreedom@yahoogroups.com.  And when you send an alert about an outreach opportunity, just cc: SparksOfFreedom@yahoogroups.com.  We'll track and score your efforts, and let you know when you've won some cash.  Joine these two forums to monitor outreach efforts of, and opportunities for, California Libertarians.

Who's winning?  See the leader board.  You might already have points.  If you performed some eligible outreach that we missed, feel free to add a record to the outreach tracking table.

How do you win?
  Outreach to non-libertarians has its own rewards, but here's how we're sweetening the pot.  Each calendar quarter, we will add up the points scored that quarter and award
What's the catch?  There are several.
Who are the judges?  The judges are the Libertarians who finance the prizes. So far, that's Brian Holtz and Melisse Lusin. Let them know if you would like to contribute.

Sparks and Flames?  The names are inspired by the Lights Of Liberty awards, with a twist to emphasize our desire for viral outreach.  The two forums will be strictly moderated, so that subscribers will see only activism alerts and actual outreach efforts, rather than more of the libertarian internal discussion that is already so available elsewhere.  If you want to discuss this program or the content it distributes, please do so on a general-purpose California Libertarian forum.

Outreach Type
Pro Media

First submission of each unique story in the non-libertarian media with California distribution that mentions "libertarian" or the LP [post link to FoF; +10 if includes libertarian link/citation]
Each unique liberty-oriented LTE / press release.submitted to non-libertarian media with California distribution [copy/fwd to FoF; +10 if mentions libertarian/LP; +10 if includes libertarian link/citation]
Each liberty-oriented LTE or mention in non-libertarian media with California distribution [post link to FoF; +10 if mentions libertarian/LP; +50 if prints libertarian link/citation]
Peer Media

First photo submitted of any car with CA plates with bumper sticker(s) mentioning "libertarian" or LP [photo uploaded to FoF gallery; we will obscure plate number if you don't/can't]
100 / car
Libertarian link/citation in a comment/trackback on an eligible non-libertarian forum [post permalink to FoF]
20 / forum / month
Thoughtful book review comment posted at Amazon.com or equivalent [mentions "libertarian", post link to FoF]
20 / book
Make any non-trivial improvement to LPedia, LibertarianWiki, or to a Wikipedia article on politics/policy
50 / article / month
Describe some part of a California politician's campaign finances or voting record in a WikiUpdate or PressPrinted outreach
100 / politician / month

Alert about liberty-oriented non-LP meeting, speech, forum, etc. [cc to SparksOfFreedom]
Alert about outreach opportunities, e.g. ballot argument deadlines, candidate deadlines, public hearings, politician town hall meetings, rallies, upcoming legislative votes [cc to SparksOfFreedom]
Each message (composed by you) to one of your elected government representatives [copy/fwd to FoF; +50 if includes libertarian link/citation]
50 / rep / month
Attend non-libertarian political meeting e.g. D/R/Green/NAACP/ACLU [brief report or photo to FoF]
50 / group / month
Attend public government meeting, politician town hall meeting, etc. [brief report or photo to FoF]
50 / forum / month
Outreach to non-libertarians at a civic commons or gathering [brief report or photo to FoF] 200 / forum / month
Speak up at a public government meeting, elected representative's town hall meeting, in front of a student group, etc. [brief report or photo to FoF]
250 / forum / month